Python Programming: Car Rego Numbers- Pseudocode Assignment Solution

May 30, 2017
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Question:Python Programming

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Phython Programming Assignment


In the Resources section of the Interact2 subject website there is a data file called cars.txt. This file contains details of a valid car rego numbers. Each rego number is a six-alphanumeric such as A1B2C3. (Note: Two records in the file have intentionally been “corrupted” - for testing purposes.)

Design an algorithm and use it to write a Python program that reads the contents of the data file into a list. The program should then loop, to allow a user to check various numbers against those stored in the list. The loop should terminate when an “empty” input occurs - i.e. when the user presses the [Enter] key on its own. (Obviously this last entry should NOT be checked against the list!) If the rego number input matches an element somewhere in the list, the program should display the number together with a message saying that it IS a valid rego number. If the number input does not match any element in the list, then the program should display the number and a message saying that it IS NOT a valid rego number.


The algorithm should be written in pseudocode (structured English).

The records read from the data file should be checked and NOT placed into the list if they are something other than a 6-alphanumeric.

(Display a sensible message if the file is found to have corrupt records in it.)

The numbers entered by the user should be checked to ensure they are valid alphanumeric (as distinct from valid rego numbers) and not processed further if they are not.

Your programs should use one or more functions where sensible, and be documented fully.

Use exceptions where necessary.

Specify 3 sets of test data that will demonstrate the correct ‘normal’ operation of your program. Show your test data in a table as you have done in earlier assignments.

Run your program using the test data you have selected and save the output produced in a single text file.

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