Social Causes- Changes In Behaviour - Assessment Answer

December 05, 2018
Author : Ashley Simons

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Question:Social Causes

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Social Causes Assignment

Assignment Task

a) Describe the social cause, explaining why it is important; and

b) Identify what changes in behaviour are needed and why.

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Description of Social Cause

Organ donation is when an individual allows healthy tissues or transplantable organs to be removed either alive or after death and donate it to someone to be transplanted in their body(Simpkin et al., 2009). Some of the common transplantations include heart, kidney, lungs, liver, intestines, pancreas, bone marrow, corneas and skin. It is not necessary that organs can only be donated after death but some organs can be donated while alive and are kidney and a part of lung. It shall be noted that most of the donations take place after death. As a matter of fact a substantial population do not even donate organs after death. Organ donation is something that can save numerous lives but then people do not indulge in it actively(Rithalia & McDaid, 2009). This is something that belongs to the adamant behaviour of the people in the society. There are many researchers and socialists who have showed their concern on this and they are of the opinion that rather than burning or burying those organs with body after death it is socially beneficial to donate them.

Importance of organ donation

Organ donation is anyway a very important and vital social cause. Statistics show that there are many people who die because of hearth problem, kidney problem, lung infections, etc. In most of the cases they do not have a functioning organ and that’s why they die. If everyone would start donating organs then a number of people will get an opportunity to live(Miller & walke, 2007). There is another issue that is, less people do organ donation and because of that organs are limited in number and that increases price. Many patients are not able to afford it and thus they lose their life. By giving organ to someone in need you might end up saving an entire family. This may be because of the fact that the one who is in the need of organ might be the only earning individual of the family.

Changes in behaviour that are needed and why

There is a need to change the behaviour and perception of people about organ donation. There are three major aspects that affect the behaviour of an individual negatively and these are lack of knowledge, scepticism and reluctance. Many people are not aware about the benefits of organ donation and how this can save a life. This is why it is important to provide them knowledge about organ donation. There are some people who think that organ donation may be of not any use and their organs might be traded(Gibson, 2010). These are the things that many people bear in their mind. But it is necessary to make them aware about where their organs would go by transparently showing them the process. Some people are reluctant to accept this concept as a socially responsible cause beneficial for society. They assume that it is not significant to donate organs due to various grounds. Thus, this behaviour is also required to be changed.

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