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January 15, 2017
Author : Ashley Simons

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Question:Strategic Management

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Strategic Management Assignment

Assignment Task

1 . Critically evaluate the Mission and Vision Statement of the company, explain what understanding you have gained out of their mission and vision statement. In order to fulfill the purpose of an organization which leadership style has been adopted by the company and what strategies are being aligned in order to make that leadership style most effective?

2. Critically assess the structure of an organization with the approach to strategic Decision making How the company is maintaining their competitive advantage in the technological and highly fast paced innovative industry?

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Google is a highly recognized American multinational company that was established in 1998 and deals in technology. The specialisations of the company realise upon internet-based products and services which includes the search engine, e-wallets, internet advertisements, cloud services, computing, software development and many other such operations (About Us, 2017).

The primary aim of this study is to recognize and critically analyse the mission and vision statement of google in order to understand the leadership style adopted by Google. Moreover, the study also aims to understand and recognise the strategies that are most effectively aligned with the adopted leadership style of Google. The study also uses the approach of strategic decision making in order to critically analyse organisation's structure and study the strategies used by it to maintain a competitive advantage in high fast paced and technically innovative industry.

Analyse vision and mission statement of Google

Google presents its powerful position in the market with the help of its vision and mission statement. The vision statement and mission of the organisation has guided it since beginning to achieve their future goals and the organisation and its members are still keen on following them to maintain their competitive advantage in future as well. Google is amongst the most valuable brands in the world and its mission statement signifies the focus of their business strategies to develop new and more products every now and then. Similarly, the vision statement of Google helps it to look forward into future and achieve new altitudes with rapid innovations (Grant, 2016).

Google has its vision statement quoted as “to provide access to information of the world in just a single click”(Thompson, 2017). It is noted that manifestation of the vision statement of the organisation can be noticed in its business and decision-making strategies. For a better understanding of the statement, it can be exemplified form Google's most popular product, Google Search engine that it is solely dedicated to providing everyone with information from across the globe in just one click. Google is dedicated to fulfilling its vision statement as it is fulfilling its vision of providing anybody and everybody with any and every kind of information present in the world. The company maintains the diverse and vast database in order to fulfil its vision. Google has made its search engine free of cost and available on World Wide Web to be accessed by everyone who uses computing device with internet connection across the globe. The company's vision consists of the variable to provide information on just a click which company accomplishes by providing multiple links to the searched information on single click by users in a matter of milliseconds (). Therefore, it can be claimed that Google effectively follows its vision statement.

Google’s mission statement says, “To organise and make information from the world accessible and useful universally” (Thompson, 2017). Since beginning the focus of Google has been to develop proprietary algorithms which could increase its effectiveness and in today's time as well the google is trying to develop programs that could further increase its performance and ensure access of information to the people. Googles Mission statement goes hand in hand with its vision statement. The mission statement of Google focuses on four words, information, accessible, organise and useful. It can be noted that the people can get information from the world by simply accessing and scrolling across web pages. The company is dedicated to organising the database and information it has collected by using effective algorithms and programs. Google provides free services worldwide so it fulfils its promise of being universally accessible (Lindh & Nolin, 2016). By accomplishing all the focuses of its mission statement, Google also makes the information searched through it more sensible and useful. Therefore it can be stated that Google effectively follows its mission statement. It can also be accessed that Google uses Generic Strategy & Intensive Growth Strategies for accomplishing its mission and vision statements (Brabazon, 2016).

Assessment of approach used by Google to strategic decision making.

Google is a highly structured organisation, organised from bottom up, it denoted that at Google, employs present at all the level of operations plays very important roles in process of development of strategies. Google provides its employees with a dynamic and democratic atmosphere where decentralized authorities often make strategic decisions (Galbraith, 2014). The strategic development process at Google is becoming more dynamic, flexible and project-based and is planned in aggregationwith the bottom-up emergent process. Google has adopted the method of experimentation and learning or logical incrementalism as core methodology for developing strategies for the organisation (Steiber&Alänge, 2013).

The process of development of strategy by logical incrementalism is performed by creating self-managed teams of small size, with experimentation as norm and provision of readily shared knowledge is adopted. Google has also applied a “70-20-10” rule which denoted that 70% of the engineering team will always be dedicated to developing core business, 20% would work to further extend that core of the business and rest of the 10% would allocate ideas that could benefit organisations by running all its operations smoothly (Verma, Pedrosa, Korupolu, Oppenheimer, Tune & Wilkes, 2015).

This gives employees of Google to spend most of their significant time working on projects of their choice which in turn increase the productivity of the organisation. Moreover, the incremental progress provides management of the organisation with multiple opportunities to gain acceptance from staff members and gain their commitment towards organisation’s missions and strategy (Laudon & Laudon, 2016). Furthermore, this kind of strategic development ensures inventions, creativity and interactions which helps Google to sustain its competitive advantage in the industry (Sakas, Vlachos, &Nasiopoulos, 2014).

Google is alsopreserving competitive advantageby adopting various measures to preventimitation of its product and services, bybuilding strategies based on capabilities and innovation of it steam leaders and managers, and also by adopting some of the practices mentioned below:

  • Rigid hiring policy, only the brightest of the bright candidates get shortlisted in Google based on their calibre and characteristics.
  • Copywriting their intellectual property, and raising their patent portfolio by acquiring and collaborating with new companies in order to deal with threats from competitors emerging in market armed with their own patented but similar products.
  • Developing new and innovative products and services using the method of extensive research for staying ahead of competitors (Lesser & Ban, 2016).


It can be concluded from this study that Google is dedicated to following its mission statement and vision statement. It has been made clear that the company has its global recognition because ofits effective products and services, like Google Search, that single handily justify the vision statement and mission statement of the organisation. Theuniversal accessibility component of the mission statement of the organisation can be justified by exemplifying Googles leadership in the market which is the reason behind the extensive use of Google's products worldwide. Innovation in strategies contributes majorly to maintaining the organisations capacity to sustain its leadership in the competitive industry. The leading position of Google is proof of it following its mission statement and vision statement sincerely.

It can also be concluded from the above study that Google has been highly successful in adopting innovative strategic leadership and in establishing most powerful organisation. It has simultaneously been successful in maintaining flexibility in its operations and empowering clients which further contributes to gaining employee trust and interest in accomplishing missions of the organisation.

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