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August 22, 2017
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Question: Essay Writing Asssignment

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Essay Writing Assignment

. You are required to prepare a 1,000 word essay on the topic below:

“Understanding the size, structure and interconnecting elements of the tourism, hospitality and events sectors will be of value in whichever career path I choose”

Refer to a variety of sources such as books and journal articles. Then, in the form of an essay, discuss the above statement. Apply the discussion to the career path you hope to follow in the future, i.e., in tourism, hospitality, events or a related industry.

Students should log into the LMS site for this subject and look at the resources in the Assessment section which is entitled “Career Opportunities – Resources for Essay”. A variety of resources related to the various careers within the tourism, hospitality and events sectors are provided.

Student should initially read Chapter 2 of Weaver and Lawton on the Tourism System and should consider the growth of the sector, the current trends, and then link these aspects back to potential career opportunities in these sectors.

Unusually for an academic essay, students are permitted to use the term “I” in this essay. However, in all other aspects of the essay students should use formal language and should avoid using casual language such as slang and abbreviations. For example, instead of saying, “don’t” use “do not”; instead of saying, “wouldn’t,” say “would not, etc.

Specific requirements for the Essay:

  • The Essay should be 1,000 words in length and must contain an Introduction, a main body (i.e., an argument) and a Conclusion. The 1,000 word limit must be observed (+/- 50 words) and is the point at which assessment will cease.
  • The essay must be presented using an appropriate essay style so refer to the university link below regarding academic writing: https://www.latrobe.edu.au/students/learning/develop- skills/writing This will also be discussed in your seminars.
  • Include a Cover Page: which provides your Name, Subject Name, Subject Code, and your Tutor’s Name, your Seminar Day and Time, as well as your Word Count (the Cover Page is not included in the Word Count).
  • The essay must be typed using 12-point Arial font and 1.5 spacing ONLY 1.
  • A Reference List should be included of at least 8 sources (the Reference List is not included in the Word Count)

Specific requirements for the Essay (cont):

  • The essay should make reference to at least 8 sources as specified below:
  • 6 sources must be from academic texts or academic journals (please be careful when using online journals that you use academic journals rather than non-refereed on-line journals of dubious quality)
  • 2 sources may be from non-academic sources including the Internet (Do not use Wikipedia) Reference can be made to newspapers, magazines, television or radio reports. Newspapers can also be accessed via Factiva in the library database. All students can log-in to Factiva via the library databases which provides access to international, national and regional newspapers in Australia and overseas, magazines, trade journals and media (television and radio) transcripts, and company reports

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1.0 Introduction

The tourism, hospitality, and events sector is a field that is relevant to any career path that is chosen. Tourism refers to the act of travelling for pleasure or exploration. Hospitality is the act of creating a good relationship with the guest. On the other hand, the events sector refers to the process of engaging in events management strategies. These three elements work together to ensure the smooth operations of any career. Different people choose varying career paths depending on their interests. These elements can facilitate the success of any career path chosen by an individual. There are some common elements within different careers that enable the sustenance of these careers. The most careers path requires one to express hospitality, tourism and event management. However, the extent to which they are used varies from one carrier to another (Rogerson 2008, pp. 121). They are implemented in various forms and are used to realize varying outcomes.

2.0 Discussions

2.1 Tourism

The size, structure, and interconnecting elements of these factors play a major role in my chosen career path. I have chosen to pursue a career in tourism. Tourism involves a combination of various activities. A career in tourism involves the process of travelling across the world for pleasure. Such a person is known as a tourist. However, a person who has a career in tourism is engaged different activities than those of a tourist (Srikanth & Israel 2012, pp. 110). In my chosen career path, I will have the opportunity to interact greatly with tourists as they travelled to various destinations across the world. During the interaction processes, the elements of hospitality and event management greatly come into use. Tourism requires a lot of interaction with guests who are pursuing their travelling ambitions. Profession in tourism may take different forms. For example, I seek to pursue a career in tourism within the service provider industry such as hotels.

2.2 Arguments

The size of these elements will help in adding value to my chosen career. For example, the tourism business within the service industry requires that I regularly interact with the tourists who are visiting the hotel. Hospitality is a virtue that will come into play the most. Hospitality is the act of practicing good behaviour towards the guest tourists. The size and structure of the level of hospitality will have to be big to add value to the career. During the process of interaction with other tourists, I get the opportunity to interact with them and gain new knowledge through casual conversations that I may have with them. It is crucial for me to have good conversations because they constitute to good behaviour, which is hospitality (Christoph 2010, pp. 98). These conversations add value to my career because I get to learn new things that I was not aware of before meeting the tourists. For this reason, there is the need for the element of hospitality to be interconnected with my chosen career.

Hospitality causes the tourists to enjoy their experience and interaction with other people within my career path. The structure employed by the element of hospitality should be implemented in a manner that will add value to my career (Wu & Pearce 2012, pp. 97). It is crucial for hospitality to be implemented to improve the career. Value is added to the sense that people in my career can fulfil their job obligations. This is good in the eyes of the employers, which will result in a possible career growth. Understanding this concept will help people perform even better in the tourism career (Moscardo 2008, pp. 109). Working in the service industry will require people on this career path to constantly practice hospitality to their guests (Zeppel & Beaumont 2012, pp. 106). Event management is a service that also falls into this category. Tourism professionals also organize events that take place in the hotels or other venues. Being able to manage these events will ensure that I perform my duties more diligently.

For example, hotels constantly host events at various times of the year. Learning how to manage these events will ensure that the tourism profession is kept on its toes to perform well. Understanding how these events are management will help in improving my service delivery within my career path (?enlier & Öztürk 2011, pp. 132). Adding such value within the career path will instill growth in the services that I provide. This will help me to gain adequate coordination skills within my field of practice. This factor is closely interconnected with the service delivery I did. The size of an event also plays a role in adding value to my career. The larger the event, the more work I will have to do to ensure its success. These are all elements that add value towards my career (Ahn 2010, pp. 88). Therefore, it is crucial for people to understand these elements because they play a significant role in the career growth. By practicing in these elements, I can be in a position to grow my career and expand it to additional services. Careers are activities that are characterized by continuous growth elements. A career should have growth and progress. The understanding of these elements will help people to use them within their career paths. This will help people know how to apply them to their careers. By doing this, they will be in a position to add value to their careers.

3.0 Conclusion

Careers are the concentration of one profession until retirement, or when they wish to stop. The practice of hospitality, tourism and event management will ensure that the people in careers experience career growths in their careers. However, people need to understand the benefits that are brought around by these elements. Hospitality, tourism, and event management experience in virtually every career. For this reason, it can be practiced to ensure that people are in a position to experience growth within their careers. The tourism career involves a lot of interaction with other people. This causes people in this career to gain additional value from the tourists because of the interactions that they are involved in and the information they share with each other.

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