DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - Analysis OF Psychological & Sociological Factors Assessment Solution

November 03, 2018
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Question: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - Analysis OF Psychological & Sociological Factors

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Topic This assignment requires you to apply the concepts and theories you have learned across the semester to analyse ONE of two scenarios from CaseWorld. The scenarios describe two different types of family violence—one scenario focuses on domestic violence and the other focuses on financial elder abuse. Regardless of which scenario you choose, the analysis will require you to draw on the contemporary literature in sociology (e.g. gender socialisation, social determinants of health, feminist theory, etc.) and psychology (e.g. Bandura’s social learning theory, Bronfenbrenner, stress and coping, grief and loss, etc.) to identify and explore the factors that have influenced the psychosocial status of the family in the scenario.

Part 1requires you to write the first half of the assignment covering the following dot points:

  1. Relevant psychological factors / concepts that occur in the chosen case
  2. Relevant sociological factors / concepts that occur in the chosen case

CaseWorld (Anne White)—Domestic violence scenario—your paper needs to address the following:

What psychological factors contribute to John’s use of violence and Anne being a victim of violence? What sociological factors contribute to John’s use of violence and Anne being a victim of violence?

CaseWorld (Greta Balodis)—Elder abuse scenario—your paper needs to address the following:

  • What psychological factors contribute to Dylan’s financial abuse of Greta and Greta being a victim of this form of abuse?
  • What sociological factors contribute to Dylan’s financial abuse of Greta and Greta being a victim of this form of abuse?

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Solution: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - Analysis OF Psychological & Sociological Factors

Case Study - Anne White


Domestic violence has become a critical issue to understand from public health point of view. It has affected people’s life at a greater extent. Depending upon the nature of work, gender wise differences exists between male versus female as mentioned in most of the theories (Carter, 2014). In the given case study, Anne has suffered from domestic violence because of behavior of her husband, John. Anne has relocated to take care of critically ill mother so resigned from her job. John alone is supporting the family financially hence not able to cope with the current pressure and involved into activities of alcohol and drugs.

Psychological factors

Recently, Anne and her family have relocated in Adelaide to take care of her mother as she has an episode of cerebro vascular accident. They were happy over their decisions as this is an opportunity for them for a fresh start. Anne’s husband, John is an alcohol user and his habit has complicate their relation. Now Anne has become the primary caregiver of the family. Anne is stressed out because of family burden and John’s mental status as he has become angry and anxious. Seems that his anxiety is the key reason behind Anne’s mental condition. Several psychological factors are contributing for the mental status of John. Though he was involved in decision making of relocation but now he realized that Anne is busy with her household duties and does not have time to spend with him. This could be one of the possibility of his behavior. Anne has resigned and John has to take care of financial matters. John must be stressed for financial difficulty as of now they need more resources for the family. Their children’s are studying and need to shift in new schools which again will require huge investment. This all has an impact on their interpersonal relation which has led to domestic violence and Anne has become a victim of John’s psychological condition. As mentioned earlier that John is an alcohol user also contributing for his behavior. John must be feeling like over-burdened with families responsibilities. Unemployed status of Anne could be another psychological factor for John’s aggressive behavior (Chakravarthy, Shah, & Lotfipour, 2013).

Gender socialization theory expects different roles and attitudes gender wise (Carter, 2014). Previously Anne was working and balancing out the financial burden along with John but she has left and concentrating on family care. In contrast with the mentioned theory, the discussed situation has created differences between both of them.

Feminist theory attempts to understand the importance of gender inequality. Theory states about the nature of work performed by male and female within the society Carlson & Ray, 2011). Anne had performed dual roles and equally worked to run her family but now she has devoted herself for household work. The interpretation of the theory is in the same line as the above stated theory.

Psychiatric disorder is one of the important factor contributing for John’s behavior towards Anne. It is evident from several research studies that personality of an individual act as a psychological factor for an unusual behavior. Alcohol or drug impairs judgement of users and leaves with negative thinking within them. Therefore loss of thinking power contributes for aggressive nature among people as same with John. Alcohol consumption and violent behavior both are inter related. John must be suffering from cognitive impairment that might works for his behavior. Other psychological factors for example memory problem, frustration, stress contribute for his behavior.

Sociological factors

Societal fear factor plays an important role for John’s attitude towards her wife Anne. A person often feel that how will they adjust in new environment along with new people. An additional responsibility of Anne’s mother would probably create an impression on his mind producing an irritating behavior. John is also having back pain which might put him into depressive behavior leading towards higher anxiety level. As mentioned, Anne has left her job and now John has become the main earner of the family. He has to cope-up with the new surroundings in the new town. He has to maintain the family standards within the society would produce mental pressure. Expectations can sometime be problematic and results into negative outcome as it produces mental pressure (Stewart, 2012). Here in the given case study, Anne’s mother, Greta thinks that she is the only child to take care of her this in turn would probably affect John’s behavior for aggressiveness. Now Anne expects that her children will go to a good reputed schools and their friends circle will improve. Hence Anne needs her husband’s support to perform all her roles and responsibilities which may be lacking because of John’s habit of alcohol use. Being the male partner, he might not be able to adjust in the new environment and might not perform well as per the family expectation. This will have an impact of John’s self-esteem leading for an isolation form his duties which is another sociological factor. Now it depends upon John that how he perceives the challenges either in positive or negative aspect.

Social determinants of health have an impact on thinking level of John for example, peer group pressure (Marmot & Allen, 2014). It is one of the important sociological factor contributing to John’s behavior for Anne is that might have aroused because of change of place and hence different surroundings. Another factor is family dysfunction which could be related with behavior of John resulting from use of drug. That has complicates their relation and has an impact on John’s attitude and behavior. Correlation exists for peer group influence, quality of parenting and activities of domestic violence. Lack of parenting discipline further complicates his behavior as both of them are facing problems of interpersonal relation leaving negative impact on their children’s mind. From the perspective of social learning theory, people learn from each other by observation. Possibly the behavior and attitude of the parents will have an impact on next generation. Bronfenbrenner theory of ecology explains the same principle as social learning theory. A child grasp everything from the environment and is the most influential impact during the development.

It is the general phenomenon for each drug user that they will indulge into matters of violence as John started commencing. It is a proven fact that company has an impact on drug user’s behavior and impairs the thinking power leading for chances of abuse either domestic violence or financial abuse (Tulu, & Wosen, 2015). Social stigma has an additional impact on behavior as an important sociological factor. Cultural shift puts pressure on people and they tend to consume more alcohol or drugs which in turn give raise to domestic or abusive behavior. Relocation from one place to another may produce societal pressure resulting into more demanding behavior for economic power. John has exercised his power on Anne in the form of frustration. Thinking of social determinants of health, human behavior and response is result of its interaction with other people in the society.


Interaction of various psychological and biological factors leads for mental status of John. Arising pressure has affect Anne’s health also. Being a single sibling, Anne has to take care of her mother so took a decision of relocation. Currently she is facing challenges because of new environment. The surrounding environment needs to be supportive in an order to stop aggressive behavior of the drug user. John needs people with positive frame of mind and supportive peer group. Socio economic status has a detrimental effect on thinking level of him.

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