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August 24, 2017
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Essay Writing Assignment

For organisations, online video has become an increasingly popular way of communicating with customers, employees, and a range of other stakeholders in the digital age. Companies of all sizes have seized on the opportunities to present themselves on YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Snapchat, and a host of other video platforms in attempts to reach and engage audiences across the globe.

In this essay, your task is to review the development of online video as a new means of organisational communication, and provide a reasoned position on how online video will develop, be used, and change within the next ten years.

To do this effectively, you will be required to collect relevant and factual information abouthowonline video has developed technologically and historically,whyit may be an effective way of transmitting messages to people,provide examplesof effective online video usage by organisations,evaluateexpert commentary on online video from the industry, andidentifynew emerging trends in organisational communication in general, and digital communication in particular.

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1.0 Online video marketing

In the contemporary world, the presence of online video marketing has brought about a big change in the way in which things are done in the marketing world. The introduction of online video marketing has changed the way in which different audiences interact with ads, content, and product brands, thus making it a very important tool in carrying out marketing activities. As such, a big number of marketing platforms are giving room for video marketing, and a large number of devices are introducing cameras in the hands of their consumers, thus making videos the new means of communicating with different stakeholders (Bscheid, et al., 2010). In the recent past, the use of online videos has made it easy for people to make their online interaction easy and effective in carrying out a number of online businesses. Therefore, this paper will look at the history of online video marketing, why it is considered to be effective in the marketing practice and examples of effective companies that have adopted these marketing strategies will be looked at closely (Scott, 2009). The trends in this marketing strategy will also be looked at before concluding with the commentary of various experts concerning the application of this strategy.

2.0 History of online videos

The history of online videos can be traced back to the launch of live video feeds that are made on Twitter with Meerkat. The application of the platform saw its popularity grow as it was adopted on Facebook as well as on Instagram and this made its application widely appreciated by a majority of the people who used these media platforms (Bscheid, et al., 2010). The introduction of online video also saw the introduction of high definition video devices being made in almost all the mobile devices, thus making the whole experience a better one and organizations moved to start using online videos as the way of marketing their products since every social media platform had adopted the technology making the whole experience better. Generally, an estimated fifty percent of all video traffic has been routed to either a mobile phone or even a tablet, and this can be used as an indicator of how the application of online video has grown over time making it readily available to all the people who use these platforms (Kaplan, & Haenlein, 2011).

Despite the videos becoming popular over the past few years, most of the organizations that use this technology have been consumed-driven in nature, thus making it more of a necessity for the organizations to adopt this marketing model (Hsieh, Hsieh, & Tang, 2012). An approximated eighty percent of most of the organization's executives have been linked to watching videos more than they did in the past, and this has made it easy to adapt the online video marketing mode for most of these organizations. As such, the whole process can be linked to the urge of different organizations to reach a great pool of customers at the same time while maximally utilizing the already available resources (Bscheid, et al., 2010).

Additionally, a great number of company executives have the tendency of addressing different their company progress through the online videos and thus leading to a tendency of using online videos in carrying out their marketing practices. Again, the reading culture of most of those who are targeted by different organizations has deteriorated through time, and this has left most of the marketers with no option but to adapt to the use of online videos in passing the intended information to the respective customers (Hsieh, Hsieh, & Tang, 2012). All these reasons combined with others have led to more organizations adopting the online video marketing strategy to carry out their marketing strategies. This has made the marketing strategy to be one of the essential tools in carrying out digital marketing practices.

3.0 Effectiveness of online videos in marketing

The application of online videos in marketing has been said to be more effective than all the other marketing tools for a number of reasons. To start with, using online videos in communication to the potential customers of a given organization has been termed to be in a position of increasing the open rates, click-through rates and reduces the rate of subscription while using email marketing (Hsieh, Hsieh, & Tang, 2012). Most of the global marketers have found out that the application of online videos in the marketing practice is very effective as it makes sure that all those who are loyal to the brand receive the best of information related to the brand. The result of this is that and this, it leads to the generation of online engagement by the target customers, thus making online videos more effectively (Scott, 2009).

Some scholars have argued that the use of online videos is usually engaging to the target audience. Studies have shown out that, the application of online videos in marketing the products of an organization is more engaging than the use of text articles on doing the same practice. It has been estimated that most of the adults who watch online videos are more likely to share the content with the other adults to a rate of thirty-nine percent (Kaplan, & Haenlein, 2011). The same as adults have also been found that they have the likelihood of commenting to the online videos to a rate of thirty-six percent and like the online videos to a rate of over fifty percent. These rates are actually very high compared to the use of text blogs that are not necessarily received well by the target audience (Jarboe, 2011). Most of the organizations in the world are even willing to pay very high amounts for purposes of making a short video advert than spending very less in text blogs that have low-value customer targets. The reason for going to this investment is simply for value of customers that are obtained while carrying out online video marketing as well as the novelty of the engagement received from the target audience.

The process of using online videos gives an opportunity to the organization to engage their audience for a period of ten seconds before they lose them to other organizations providing similar services and products. In doing this, the initial seconds of the video happens to be very important as they are the ones that are used to attract the attention of the audience and get a gist of what the organization is offering to its clients (Jarboe, 2011). The length of the video is also very important as a long video may be boring to the audience, thus making a short video more effective to the target audience. It is always very easy to share short videos thus making information to get viral more easily as compared to longer videos that are very hard to share with the other people. The end result of this is that information is distributed faster and more effectively (Scott, 2009).

4.0 Examples of effective online video usage by organizations

The emergence of online videos has seen a good number of companies going for this form of marketing thus making them to reach a large pool of customers. One of the organizations that have used this marketing technology effectively is the Techno Mobile company that has very short videos that are meant to demonstrate the power that this particular phone brand has compared to the other phones. Using the short online videos helps the company to reach most of its potential customers as they get more of the information that they require about the phone online (Hsieh, Hsieh, & Tang, 2012). The other organization that has effectively adopted this marketing model is the Coca-Cola Company that has made a number of short videos that target a majority of its customers. Doing these short videos from the company plays a very important role in reaching its potential customers and in turn making more sales compared to when using other means of marketing like billboards and radio commercials (Kaplan, & Haenlein, 2011).

5.0 Emerging trends in online videos

As more and more technologies are being developed to make the marketing practice simple and effective, some trends are being experienced in the industry that are geared towards an effective online video marketing (Kaplan, & Haenlein, 2011). Some of the most notable trends that are being experienced in this field include the outbreak of advertising applications, more movie ads coming up in the market and emerging strategies that are geared towards optimizing the marketing practices done through online videos (Hsieh, Hsieh, & Tang, 2012). Finally, the other emerging trend that is experienced in the online video marketing strategy is that of increased advertising investment that is done to make sure that the commercials did reach most of the target customers.

6.0 Conclusion

From this paper, it is very clear that online video marketing is one of the best strategies that any organization can adopt in making the marketing practices of an organization a success. Commentators have argued that the process of using online videos is one of the best strategies that an organization is ought to apply and make its marketing strategy go to the next level. As such, it is highly recommended that all the organizations need to adopt this marketing strategy for the purposes of making their experience in the marketing industry better and less strenuous.

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