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January 14, 2017
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Question:Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management Assignment

Assignment Task

Analysis the problem in FOXCONN company. Problem is employees attempt suicides. Why employees attempt suicides??

We also discuss two HR topic. Here is topic:

1. Health and Safety

2. Job Analysis (Remuneration)

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Analysis of the problem in FOXCONN Company

The problem of suicides among employees is gradually increasing in many companies. FOXCONN is one of those companies that are facing such problem. FOXCONN victimised substantial number of suicides in past few years and now it became very necessary to ascertain the reasons behind this. There are a number of reasons behind employees’ committing suicide (Louw-Potgieter, 2012). The two major aspects that deal with this problem are health and safety of employees in the company and job analysis. These two Human resource issues have potential to lead an employee to commit suicide. These two aspects are detailed in brief to examine their impact on suicide rate. It will also be discussed that how these two factors can also prevent the suicides if the company works on this effectively.

The health and safety rules of a company shall be such that no employee is negatively affected by it. The problem with FOXCONN is that there is a number of health and safety rules being laid down by the management but these rule are not implemented properly by them. The employees are exposed to risks situations and hazardous environment which leads to deteriorate their health and then they are not able to work properly. Once the health of the employees get affected their work life balance also gets disturbed which is fatal for an employee. The deteriorating health also affects the productivity of an employee negatively. When productivity goes down the management pressurizes the employees and this pressure adversely affects their health (Budworth, Latham, & Manroop, 2015). Thus, it all starts with non-compliance of health and safety measures in the company. The pressure grows to such an extent that employees are not able to cope with it and they end up committing suicide. There are various provisions for health and safety such as providing masks while working with hazardous substances, giving proper breaks, safety in manhandling, proper ventilation and water facilities, etc. These are the factors that are required to be followed by the company and if these factors are complied then suicide rates will also go down (Gobind, 2014).

Job analysis also plays a significant role in preventing or enabling suicides among employees. Job analysis is undertaken in the company to decide the remuneration of employees. Job analysis is majorly based on the performance of the employees. Now, as a matter of fact as discussed above the inadequate health and safety arrangements affect the performance of the employees. If the performance of employees is not up to the mark then they will provided less remuneration and rewards for the work done by them (Chovancová, 2013). This is demoralising for the employees. There are several other problems with job analysis in FOXCONN. The company follows a fixed performance appraisal tool that is irrelevant to current context and that does not find optimum results. Due to that the employees get wrong rating and furthermore they get improper rewards and remuneration. In this case, those employees who contribute to a very great extent in productivity of the organisation may also get less remuneration than those who do not. This lower down the morale of the employees who work well and they get depressed. It happened with a number of employees that due to improper job analysis they received lower than expected remuneration and that was the most significant reason of depression that further enhanced the suicide rates among employees (Coetzee, Schreuder, & Tladinyane, 2014). It is important to use proper methods of performance appraisal so as to get optimum results from job analysis and this will help in preventing the suicides among employees in the organisation.

Thus the above analysis suggests that suicide rates are dependent upon job analysis as well as health and safety. The company can prevent suicides by ensuring proper implementation of health and safety rule and their compliance as per the laws of the government. It also applies to the job analysis that a proper job analysis shall be done on the basis of optimum tool of performance appraisal so as to produce fair results.

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