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February 26, 2019
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Question:Immigration Management - Human Service Organisations Essay Writing

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Immigration Management - Human Service Organisations Essay Writing Assignment


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The term, ‘Human Service’ refers to the management of all the needs of humans and its objectives in a separate yet unique system. The primary aim of this service is to prevent as well as resolve the issues relating to human needs. The service also focuses on the management and preservation of the quality of the service. For the functioning of the service in specific organizations, the base of the interdisciplinary knowledge is used. As the goals of human services cannot be fulfilled without an organizational mechanism, the Human Service Organizations are formed. It is evident that based on the nature of functioning, the Human Service Organizations can be classified in three sectors – NGOs, Public enterprises and Private Enterprises. As per Hasenfeld (2009), the classifications can be made on the grounds of the purpose or goal of the organizations. On the basis of a closer observation it can be comprehended that as the human service organizations vary in their functioning and purpose, they tend to have different managerial system, different organizational structure and exclusive organization culture.

In NGOs, the managers are selected on the basis of their field experience and skills. As the managers are required to handle the projects and coordinate with employees at the grassroots level, they are expected to have ample experiences. According to Lipsky (2010), as the purpose of NGOs are mostly the welfare of social systems and vulnerable empowerment, the organization culture is selected carefully. In most cases it is seen that NGOs have a flat organizational structure. The flat organizational structure gives the employees more power for decision making and makes them more efficient in the process. As the main purpose of the NGOs is to uplift the quality of living for people, they generally work an organizational unit. The organizational structure and the purpose of the NGOs make the organization a less corporate and more collective working unit. As a result of the close proximities, NGOs basically develop an aim oriented organizational culture for themselves where every employee contributes highly. It is worth the mention that as the NGOs do all the work without aiming at securing profit, the organization have to work in the core principle of public welfare Chuang and Liao (2010).

In Public Sector Organizations the core purpose remains the welfare of public and enhancement of living standards. The public sector organization work on a very large scale as they make the use of best technology and tactics as they have the backing from the government. In these organizations, the directions of the management is considered for large scale functioning. Therefore, the organizational structure of public sector organizations tends to be hierarchical. The employees are directed in a chain like framework in which the upper management reigns supreme.

Lastly, in case of the Private Sector Organizations, the aim points at fulfilling the demands of the public. However, they do all the service for the securing of profit and function without the aid of the government. The source of resource for the private organizations is external and privately owned. As suggested by Mosley (2010), it is seen that private organizations have hierarchical organizational structure which generate a more efficient and corporate organizational culture. As there is an abundance of monetary resources in these organizations, the technology used for the functioning is very modern and are of high quality.


Critical Analysis

Being one of the foremost developed countries, Australia has always been the first choice of students, businessmen, and especially the seekers of leisure. As a result of this unmatched interest among the people, Australia has been swarmed with immigrants. However, the management of the immigration in Australia has lost its edge of efficiency with the number of immigrants swelling from thousands to billions in recent times and has become a major issue on the national level. The mismanagement of the immigrants has cast its effects on the employment, culture and the social balance as well as harmony. Therefore, it becomes essential to know the reason, nature and gravity of the issues regarding immigration in Australia. Considering the issues and importance of immigration system in Australia, it has become a debatable issue to find out whether Australia should give priority to its natives or to the immigrants (, 2016).

In the process of critically discussing the issue of immigration in Australia, it becomes evident that the issue revolves around the roles of the immigrants, the native Australians and the national administration of Australia, who are to manage the immigration system. It is seen that the issues are either affecting the immigrants in terms of their safety, or economical support or the locals, who are facing issues with employment as their seats are being taken by immigrants. All these issues are pointing finger to the administration and foreign policies of Australian Government (, 2016).

As the debate intensifies itself, regarding the contradicting claims collide. One refers to the betterment of immigration management policies, which would give the employees economic support and protection as well as would save them from discrimination, while the other ensures the need of reserving the service seats for locals on a large scale and restrict the entry of immigrants in Australia. It is seen that the immigrants are ill treated, not provided with jobs, and are often abused and harmed. Some of the muslin students are the majority of victims of discrimination (, 2016). It is also evident that immigrants are causing problem to the existing culture and livelihood of the locals as they face unemployment and tough competition from the immigrants (, 2016).

Based on the understanding of the issue and the claims, it has to be taken into consideration that the employment of both immigrant and the locals are equally important. It is also made evident that the academic educational sector earns a huge amount of foreign currency from the immigrating students and therefore, it is not possible to limit the access of the students in Australia. However the settlement of the immigrants in Australia can be restricted, giving the locals more chance of employment. A deeper understanding of the issue point to the need of cooperation from the locals towards the immigrants for better harmony and social order. The immigrants as found in many cases are using illegal means to enter Australia, which has to be stopped. Lastly, it can be said that it is the foreign administration of Australia, which have to formulate a better system for optimize the management of immigration.

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