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MKT102A/MKG103 - Big Idea - Campaign Plan - Business Assessment Answer

February 12, 2019
Author : Andy Johnson

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Question: Bachelor of Business

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Marketing Assignment Help

Assignment Task

Campaign Plan

  1. Executive Summary (summarise the brief) including the campaign objectives
  2. Creative concept (what is your BIG IDEA? Describe the journey from USP to execution of the creative idea)
  3. Creative rationale (why will your big idea work?)
  4. Media strategies and schedule (what media mix you recommend and why. Reference should be made to the media habits of your target audience)
  5. Execution – attach samples reflecting your media mix (print advert, outdoor poster, website tower, radio script, TV storyboard etc.)
  6. Budget Summary

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Executive Summary

Boost juice is the juice bar making company operating across Australia providing various products like fruit juice, juice bar and the mix of the blended smoothies. Boost juice has around 250 stores alone in Australia and around 170 stores in the other countries. The main advantage of the boost juice is that they sell the juices and smoothies which are free from the artificial flavour and the preservatives (Allis, 2013). This report is all about a new product which is coconut smoothie launched by the Boost Juice company and what are the benefits to the people who are consuming it and the target age group for the new product. The main objective of this report is to provide the healthier drink to the people and adding a new drink to the product line. The effective advertisement plan has been developed in the report according to the product of the company. The advertising mix developed by the company for the successful and effective campaign of the new product.

Creative Concept

The new product will be coconut shakes and smoothies which will be made with the combination of the lactobacillus delbruekil and streptococcus thermophills which provide natural flavours to the smoothies and the juice bars that will be from the artificial colours, added preservatives, and artificial flavours. The company is operating in that industry which is based on the motto of high quality and innovative shakes. Boost Juice company felt the niche of the market as no other player was offering shakes and smoothies of this product.

Advertising Objectives

Some people think that that the advertisement will attract a large number of the potential buyers but it is totally wrong to depend on the print advertisement. However, the advertisement is the main sources of information to the client important fact n figures, quality of the product and the expertise of the company and the areas of the expertise.

The practice involved in the effectiveness of the advertisement programmes involves the following:

Two-way approach: If some business is generated from the advertisement, then it will provide future contracts and leads to increase the revenue from the product.

Headlines: Headline is the important part of the print advertisement as most of the people will see the only head line if it is impressive then they will move to read the whole article. It creates an impact on the mind of the prospective buyer. The headline that shows concrete words will attract and headlines itself gives the reason to select on that advertisement (Moriarty, et. al., 2014).

Photos: To make print media more interactive the advertisement should have some pictures some illustrations so that the target audience must understand easily.

Tone: One question arises that what is the tone, tones refer to the nature of the target audience and the firm’s orientation. For e.g. if the advertisement contains medication, then the advertisement must contain the word what doctor must think and say.

The advertisement is the communication tool that connects with the target audience and all the factors or components work together to convey a complete and informative message to the target audience.

Choosing a logo:

The choosing of a logo plays an important role in the effective advertisement as it helps in attracting the eyes of the viewers. The logo must be of nature which has some influence on the mind of the viewers. The logo must provide a confident potential for the firm.

Boost Juice must follow the following principles for the effective advertisement:

Consistent Visuals: The visuals of the product in the advertisement must be consistently visible to target audience. This will help in the embedding the product in their memory for the long term. Boost juice must place the ads with regular visuals of the product so that it the target audience has the temptation to try the new product (Keshari, et. al., 2012).

Duration: Duration of the campaign must be predefined and according to duration the advertisement programme has to plan. The main motive behind this is to memorize the product of the ad. Sometimes long time advertisement can be boring and short time advertisement cannot be helpful in creating long-term memory in the target audience (Chen, et. al., 2015). The duration of the product of Boost Juice will be such that it will not be so long that it will be boring and for the audience and it must not be as short that it will fail to create the impact on the target audience.

Simple and strong: The ad must be simple and have an impact on the mind of the target audience. The ad must have simple and crisp and must have all the important data. The ad must not be overloaded with the words as it will leave confusion in the mind of the audience. Boost Juice must prepare the strong and simple ad which must highlight the qualities of the product and the benefits of the products.

Clearly Expressed: The advertisement must convey the motive behind it. The viewer must easily understand or interpret the advertisement. It must clearly state what the product is all about. Boost juice must state clearly the qualities of the product which will be the selling point of the product. The company must focus on the one point for the advertisement that will be the best quality of the product. Boost juice must also feature it in the advertisement that it is the smoothie is made of natural flavours without the artificial colours and preservatives.

Taglines: Taglines are the effective approach for the purpose of the campaign and repeatedly using the same tagline will help in creating a connection with the viewers. Boost Juice must place a tagline for its product on the advertisement and use it continue until it has built a connection among the viewers (Cheema, et. al., 2016).

USP- The USP of this product is the type of smoothie is only provided by the Boost juice only no other player in the market offers this type of smoothie at this price with the health and nutritional benefit. The smoothie is suitable for all age group people (Lykourentzou, et. al., 2016).

The creative idea is the part of the research which the company performed after the study finding the niche of this product in the consumables industry and then took a decision to add this product in its product line.

Creative Rationale

A recent study of the nutrition of the Australian people shows that the people are shifting towards healthier and nutritious product and health of the people is at the main picture. Reacting to the results of the study, Boost Juice has developed another juice and smoothies with coconut which is rich in magnesium, vitamin c, amino acids etc. This smoothie made with the coconut will blend into the healthy diet without the compromising the need of the body. No other juice maker provided the juice or smoothie with the right blend of the coconut in juices and smoothies. This leads to the innovation of the smoothie with the richness of coconut. The Products from the Boost juice fulfill the need of the healthier products for all class of people and people need not worry about their diet plan, the product range from the boost juice will fulfill all. This was the need of the hour and Boost juice has provided a solution and makes it easier for the people to follow the diet and famous among all age groups due to good taste (Chen, et. al., 2015).

Major regulator of advertising in Australia is Australian Consumer Law and provides guidelines for the advertisement which are as follows:

• The content of the advertisement must not be false or misleading.

• The advertisement should be true n fair and should not be concealing any fact.

• The advertisement must contain all the information on all the standard relating to the product.

• If the product of advertisement is consumable then the advertisement must contain all the ingredients of the product and what is the new that must be present in the advertisement.

• Advertisement must contain the suitability content i.e. must contain the condition of usage or the suitability to a class of people.

Advantages of different mediums of the advertisement are

Television: It is the most common and most proven medium for the advertisement and use of the consumer products used by the masses. Widely coverage of this medium is also an advantage due to the reach of the masses (Chitra & Kothai, 2014).

Radio: This medium is not very expensive as compared to the other mediums of advertisements and has the higher targeting capabilities. Commercials are played on the radio throughout the day.

Magazines: Magazines are the suitable medium of advertisement for the targeted class of people such as men, females etc has the higher capabilities of targeting the particular class Rowman & Littlefield (Blakeman, 2014).

Print media: Posters, pamphlets are some type of print media as they are easily circulated to the number of people. It is suitable for small business who wanted to attract a small number of buyers.

Social media: It is also another medium of advertisement with the increasing use of the internet.

Disadvantages of different mediums of the advertisement are:

Television: Increasing use of internet is declining the viewership of the television in which the response to the TV commercial is very less. The cost of the producing a commercial is very high. Busy schedule of peoples is also a factor in less viewer ship of the television.

Radio: There is no visual content available on the radio as compare in the other form of the media. The peak hours are limited to morning and evening only.

Magazines: The data is not available for the specific audiences. The reachability of the magazines is of short duration say weekly or monthly. The magazine doesn’t spread to every person as there is the difference in the demand for the magazine.

Print media: Most of the people don’t take the advertisement in the pamphlet very serious they often throw the pamphlet before reading.

Marketing mix: Boost juice should launch different products like shakes, juices smoothies and yogurt with the right blend of coconut with some others seasonal flavours. The main of Boost juice should to develop the main taste for the people of 50-65 yrs age groups and convey the benefits of coconut in the increasing age. Boost Juice must maintain the high quality of its products.

Price range- The price range should be that every person should afford the price of the smoothie. Boost juice provides the juice of seasonal fruits at a normal rate and exotic fruits at high rates depending upon the subject to their availability (Yenipazarli, 2015).

Advertising Objectives:

• To increase the awareness among 65% business class people about the health and nutrition benefit without following any other diet plan.

• To increase the awareness among the people of 50-65 yrs of the benefits of the smoothies for their proper nutrition and health awareness.

• To increase the awareness of benefits of the smoothies and the contents of the juices and shakes by managing the level of competition (Gensler, et. al., 2013).

Media Strategies and Schedule

The mediums like newspaper, radio or television are used for providing the advertisement of the smoothies and information regarding the health benefits arising from the usage of juice and smoothies. The target age group is 50-65 yrs and the like to read more newspaper and listen to the radio. The strategy should be taken to advertise the health benefits of the shakes and smoothies among the people of all age group.

The strategy would be that the advertisement will run through the television and on the radio at the peak hours. For young people, the advertisement can be run on the social media platforms. Those people who have busy schedules will not have the time to see commercials can see the advertisement on the social media (Berthon, et. al., 2012). The advertisement must contain all the benefits and the ingredients with which the smoothies are made and the health benefits arising from the smoothie and what is the main benefit to the target age-group.

The campaign will run over through banners & Posters placed on the busiest street for the campaign and the campaign will run form first week of December to 31st December 2017. The campaign will also run over the internet for the mass reach of the campaign. The campaign will be launched on 3rd December on the internet and will continuously run on the newspapers, radio station and on the social media platforms.


The company should first decide the target public as to identify the audience for the purpose of the product and decides the strategy to be adopted for the campaign. The company must delegate the work of advertisement to the agency. The product management with the agency will decide the contents of the advertisements. The agency then decides with the medium which is most effective and appropriate for the product. The campaign must contain the benefits of the product and must have an impressive tagline which has a long-term impact on the mind of the target audience (Eccles, et. al., 2012). The agency must print banner and posters for the new product and must be placed or tagged in that area in which that is visible to the audience have and tempting effect on the desires. Social media platform can also be used for the campaign purpose and can run at regular intervals. The agency along with the company should take the follow-up activities together to assess the demand for the product or the interest in the mind of the target audiences. The agency should take the corrective action accordingly without the delay.


The uniqueness of taste of coconut with other fruits has an ultimate taste and the taste bud of the public thrives for such taste. The blend of coconut with other fruits in smoothie and juice is the perfect example of the nutritious and healthier drink by which the audience has not to follow any diet plan. The juices are full of vitamins and nutrients without any artificial flavours and added colours.


Sample of the Print advert is as follows

Budget Summary

Budget: Total: $400,000


Campaign development






Television and Radio





The budget summarises the requirements of the creative and new product to be launched in the market as per the USP of the Boost Juice. The main focus of investment would be upon the advertisement as shown in the budget which would help in attracting more customers towards it. The total budget for the expenditure is $400,000 for the company that would help in increasing the turnover of the company for the long-term development.

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