Organisational Behavior - Improving Service Delivery Between The Organisations and Recommendations - Assessment Answer

November 30, 2018
Author : Sara Lanning

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Question: Organisational Behavior

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Organisational Behavior

Case Scenario/ Task

Yourtask to identify 1 opportunity for improved service delivery between the organisations and provide recommendations for change.

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Solution:Organisational Behavior

The term ‘service delivery’ refers to the act of delivering targeted achievable goals to the clients in terms of products or services. For efficient service delivery coordination between two or more organizations is important in most of the cases. Service delivery coordination thus includes collaboration between agencies, various joined-up services, partnership between multiple organizations and various cross-agency work (Keast, 2011).

Here I will discuss about the organization which work in collaboration for improving the outcomes for Indigenous Australians. The structure of coordinated initiatives may vary depending on specific needs of people in particular communities. There may simply be a need to link two or more different service providers so that they may share information and work on common grounds. On the other hand, there may exist highly formalized collaborations with specific and planned goals. This can be well illustrated using the example of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled Health Services (CCHS).

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled Health Services (CCHS)

CCHS are functional bodies maintained and regulated by the people of local communities in Australia. Their main aim is to provide basic holistic and culturally appropriate primary health care services to people of its local community. More than 150 CCHS operate across Australia (NATSIHC, 2003).

Wuchopperen Health Service Limited is a part of Northern Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Alliance, which represents the Aboriginal Medical Services in Far North Queensland. Wuchopperen teams up with multiple service providers and non-governmental agencies to provide aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people some of the basic services related to health care. It runs various service programs like children and family center, child wellbeing services, general medical clinic, healthy lifestyle programs, etc. The main objective is to build strategic coalitions by involving prominent patrons to successfully launch target oriented time-limited as well as long-term projects. They also have international partners though they understand the restraints and prospects of working within the locally located health system (Wuchopperen, 2006). The Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited accredits the general clinics established by them. The training facilities provided by them are also recognized for GP registrars.

Effective service delivery coordination

Along with continuous efforts put in by these organizations there are certain other factors which govern the success of these coordinated activities for delivering services resulting in positive products for Indigenous Australians.

The involvement of local people from the community is very crucial for proper planning and prioritizing the initiatives and goal to further improve the service delivery coordination. All the planned initiatives cannot be instigated concurrently. So contribution from community members can help to rank the needs. This will ensure that the right initiatives gets implemented at the right time and that too for the right public (Flaxman, Muir, & Oprea, 2009; Funnell, Scougall, & Rogers, 2004). With their help a good services platform can be built to support and help them. Exploring the cultural assets of Indigenous people of Australia and allowing the local people to suggest their solutions to the problems can further help in providing better servicing in complex needs.

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