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November 02, 2018
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Health Care Assignment

Developing a SMART-ER Goal!

After you have asked a friend or colleague to complete the health self assessment survey, review their responses and identify a health issue that requires improvement. To address the identified health issue, it is important that you formulate a SMART Health Goal. The SMART Health Goal will be included in your Assessment 2, used to guide the development of strategies and recommendations in the Health Behaviour Challenge Report.

1. Review the survey responses and select a health issue. For example Tobacco smoking, physical activity, sleeping habits etc.

2. Develop a SMART goal to address the health issue. Examine your friends/colleagues current health habits:

  • How does their lifestyle affect their health today?
  • How will it affect their health in the future?
  • Which habits detract from their health?
  • New information may trigger concerns
  • Observations from family and friends

Questions to consider: (*Provide comments in the spaces below each question):


What do they really (specifically) want to achieve to enhance their health?


What do they have to do?


How will they go about doing it?


Who can help your friend or colleague to achieve their goal?



How will you measure their progress?


Achievable (appealing also)

How will you ensure that it happens? How inspiring is this goal?


Relevant (and realistic)

Is this something that your friend can achieve? How realistic is this goal?


Time specific (Ensure that this is set within the semester so that you can tack and record progress).

When will your colleague/friend achieve this goal? Can it happen in the timeframe?


Evaluated (Have a valid measure, either short or long term)

How will you know they have achieved it?


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Behavior change can change the disease pattern by reducing the risk factors. Several health issues are evident these days for us. They all are contributing for negative health consequences. Following unhealthy practices have contributed for higher burden of disease and have raised concerns from public health point of view. Eliminating risk factors would probably improve the health indicators worldwide. Motivation and awareness about these factors could play a major role for health improvement. The stated issues can be dealt with support of health models also knows as Health Belief Model.


It is important to deal with the current health scenario as they can contribute for more life threatening situations. Each one of us is suffering from elevated blood sugar level. Various factors are involved for the same. Life style modifications are the key players behind the situation. By changing our behavior it becomes easier to combat against the diseases. Heath assessment survey has depicted issues of increased blood sugar level. It can one of the risk factor for cardio vascular diseases (CVD) and blood pressure (BP) problem. Both requires a complete treatment followed by adherence and behavior change. Therefore it becomes essential to address the stated health issue to avoid future complications.

Behavior Change Model

Health Belief Model (HBM) has gained popularity because of its effectiveness to understand an individual’s health behavior. HBM helps to develop a complete understanding of a person to promote health behavior for example, medical adherence, drug compliance, adopting new behaviors etc. HBM explains about the actions needed to be taken toimprove the health condition to avoid future health issues. The above concept is in line with WHO guidelines regarding health seeking behavior. Actions taken for health improvement solely depends upon individuals beliefs if –

  • He feels the negative outcomes associated with the disease
  • He believes that negative health consequences can be avoided by taking preventing measures against it.
  • He completely understand the complex nature of the health condition.

Health Belief Model provides a basic framework to motivate people to take necessary actions in a positive manner. It is the desire of an individual to work upon positive health aspects related with the actions. An important point here is to motivate a person for a particular health condition. Hence the method used to persuade plays an important role. It could be done by using a good communication strategy to discuss about the associated risk factors if actions not taken on time. For example, perceived threat of diabetes or cardio vascular disease could be used to develop an individual’s interest to work towards to take necessary actions. The main issues is to communicate the importance of the issue by adopting an approach so that the other person perceives its relevance. Life style changes have been reviewed for cardiovascular diseases along with impact of self-efficacy (Sol et al, 2010)

HBM emphasize upon the importance of positive health consequences of actions taken. For example, physical activity can be helpful in reducing blood pressure which otherwise can cause heart diseases. So a person will feel motivated that if I will take necessary action then I might get heart stroke or other relevant disease. This fear of getting serious diseases will trigger his will power to act upon the health issue.

Effective educational strategies can be framed based upon the concept of HBM such as communication strategy. Health education is associated with health communication (Glanz, Rimer&Viswanath, 2008). It constitutes as an essential aspect for few behavior. Healthcare delivery depends upon communication strategies of the providers that could be either medical professionals or social specialists. Communication along with collaboration has an impact on set goals and objectives. As per HBM, a sense of responsibility could be developed by adopting this strategy and has been proved in various scenarios. Communication within providers and individuals both are critical for better health outcomes. And collaboration is also considered for the success of the above theory (Zwarenstein& Reeves, 2006).

Application of professional communication is to use to eliminate the risk factors and improve the overall healthcare services.The drawback associated with communication strategy is that wrong interpretation could result into negative consequences. Therefore Right message on right time is an essential requisite of the system which helps to improve the outputs.

Effective inter professional communication can lead to– improved health status, improved health patient safety, and improved health indicators (Douglas et al, 2013). If health service provider is capable enough to comprehend the information in a correct way then only people or family members will receive right message. This will also enhance the knowledge level of people regarding disease, diagnosis, treatment, follow up etc. In other way, this will be useful to maintain the motivation of an individual to comply all the necessary recommendations.

It develops understanding among members by setting clear goals to work upon. Also increases their capacity and capability to face future challenges. Knowledge sharing is very important to deliver results as co-health workers come to know about each other’s perspective in a very similar way (Louise et al, 2012).

Communication failure is associated with negative healthcare outcomes – unexpected health status, increased burden of disease, low awareness and motivational level among people, poor understanding of health goals etc.

One of the major pitfall of failure of communication is related with lack of proper information and interpretation of information. Communication depends upon the education background of team members or providers.

The above framework of HBM can be converted for personal health behavior.

HBM functions on following major concepts –

  • Perceived susceptibility – The term defines the risk associated with the health condition. An individual can be at high risk of getting diabetes if having elevated sugar level.
  • Perceived severity – The health condition can worsen if not treated properly. Heart diseases can be life threatening along with other co morbidity if sugar level is not within the normal range.
  • Perceived benefits – Associated risk can be reduced by taking actions for example, benefits in terms of decreased chances of heart stroke by controlling blood sugar.
  • Perceived barriers – Personal barriers can create hindrance for example, non-adherence for drug regimen or physical exercise due to lack of time.
  • Cues to actions–Family members can be supportive for behavior change and act as an reminder in case of non – adherence.
  • Self-efficacy–Regular follow ups with the doctor or other health professionals can build up an individual’s confidence level.

It has been seen that people go through different phases of changes to adopt healthy behavior from unhealthy one such as preparation, actions taken and maintenance. Maintenance is an important change to adopt any new change within behavior. Various factors interact and create an environment to adhere to certain principles. Health seeking behavior is result of interaction of these factors such as personal views, social stigma etc(Lu, Huang, & Chu, 2010).


Health issues can be addressed by concentrating on following strategies:

  1. Information processing can be an effective strategy as it deals with an impact of communication to convey the right message on right time to an individual.
  2. Another way out is to use social marketing to raise awareness among people or community regarding the importance of physical activities. A key message can be conveyed through social media.
  3. Social support can be sought to change the health behavior, attitude, thinking process and views regarding risks factors of health issues. Family and friends are the important key players for motivating people with some health problems. They can interact to reduce the stress level of health issues.
  4. Community organizational model can be adopted as public health workers or social workers help to identify the problems and then implement plan of action for the same.


HBM is the most commonly adopted method used for health promotion and education purpose. The model can be applied to resolve various health related issues. It has a psychological impact on an individual’s mind. Health behavior can be influenced by affecting inter and intrapersonal factors to change personal perception. Interpersonal factors are following advice of caregivers, supporters, medical professionals while intrapersonal factors include belief and reluctant behavior of people. Health programs can be made successful by incorporating HBM in their plan of action.

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