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December 20, 2018
Author : Ashley Simons

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A comparison of public health paradigms

Biomedical paradigm

The biomedical paradigm of public health promotes health through the perspective of freedom from disease or pain. This model does not consider other factors such as the environment or psychosocial elements that may influence the health of an individual (1). The biomedical paradigm is mainly concerned with addressing pathophysiology. Thus, its primary focus is usually on treating symptoms and alleviating pain and discomfort that can be caused by disease.

Behavioral paradigm

Behavioral health describes health through the reciprocal relationship that exists between human behavior and body well-being. It holds that the well-being of the body can be promoted or obstructed by their behaviors. For example the relationship between smoking and the supposed harmful effects on the body are best explained in a behavioral paradigm. Unlike the biomedical paradigm, the behavioral paradigm does not consider only the pathophysiology of diseases but also the influence of behavior on well-being (2).

Holistic, ecological, salutogenic paradigm

This model is a value-driven paradigm of public health promotion. It describes health promotion through a system of well-interconnected beliefs, standards and values that can collaboratively achieve certain health objectives. This model includes the components of planning, assessing needs, monitoring and assessing public health promotion processes. Unlike the behavioral paradigm, the holistic, ecological salutogenic paradigm may incorporate other aspects such as the environment or political facets (3).

Which paradigm is the most appropriate for the New Public Health

Since the New Public Health is founded on evidence-based holistic health management, the holistic, ecological salutogenic paradigm would be the most appropriate. This paradigm uses values and standards that are proven to work in the improvement of certain health aspects. The paradigm also includes the element of learning from the past which is a critical component of the New Public Health.

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