COIT11134: Object Oriented Programming - Java GUI Application - Assessment Answers

December 20, 2017
Author : Charles Hill

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Question: Object Oriented Programming

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Object Oriented Programming Assignment


CQC has decided to increase the charges for Stencil work to $30/ square meter of surface area. They have also decided to undertake concrete cylindrical foundation work too. For a cylindrical column foundation, the diameter and depth measurement are required for calculating the volume of the concrete required. In order to include these additional changes in the Java GUI application, you may need to do any or all of the following:

  • Develop additional Java classes
  • Extend the existing Java classes that you have developed for your assignment 1
  • Implement newly created interface(s)
  • Implement generic methods and or generic classes

CQC also wants to view the income generated by different employees. Hence, you need to store the details of all the concrete works performed in a file and also to provide appropriate searching facilities to display the details of concrete work(s) that have been performed by the selected (searched) employee.

Hence the software application that you will develop in assignment 2 should perform the following:

  1. When the application is started, it should read all the details of the completed concrete works from the existing text file (“concrete.txt”) and display the latest-completed-concrete work.
  2. The application should provide necessary controls to search and display the details of concrete works performed by a given/selected employee (details to be obtained/ selected from/by the user). If the search criterion is not met then an appropriate message has to be displayed.
  3. The application should provide appropriate controls to obtain the data for a new concrete work; perform error checking and display the details of new concrete work. You are allowed to copy the relevant codes from your assignment 1 and use them for this purpose.
  4. The application should have the facility to append/save the details of newly performed concrete work in the same text file (“concrete.txt”).

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