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December 03, 2018
Author : Sara Lanning

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Question:Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking

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Critical thinking and Creative thinking

Case Scenario/ Task

  • Knight, M. "Finding Ways To Teach Critical Thinking In Business And Professional Communication".

According to this article , critical thinking skills are effective to be successful at any type of field for managers and educators .sociologist graham Sumner already explained that how critical thinking does help for recognize manager skill level in their workplace. But in the order of s. Wall Street Journal reporter Marisa Taylor (2010) argued that employs and students need to improve our thinking level while they do not think critically. And information in BPCQ present a collection of theoretical, associated, and suitable strategies and perspectives, including particular and consistent correspondence, talk, program diagram and assessment, the impact of advancement, reasonability, worldwide and multicultural issues, altruistic correspondence, subjective and quantitative investigation on classroom educating, and relevant examinations of best practices Therefore this article is useful in any type of work place

  • Plecner, Alexander. "Critical Thinking And The Challenges Of Internet | Communication Today".

Alexandra plecner is talking about the internet in this article. How critical thinking has been modified due to internet. And author believe that internet media summarized into old and present media due to this science produce new explanatory and theoretical thinking in the mass media. But on the other hand author mentioned that general users of internet can easily false sense of being thoughtful. Author has taken two aspect of internet, general user of internet and positive and negative effect of internet. But he gives more priority to negativity. The article is encased with some suggestion how to assess data sources on the Internet and how to be more sympathetic in online dialogs so as to rouse to sensible and solid decisions.

  • Switzer, Anne T. and Lizabeth A. Barclay. "Book Clubs: Best Practices In Promoting Critical Thinking In Business Classes".

This article is a tool for high level faculty progress thinning skills such as critical analysis and refection of books related to the use of online courses Club. And how to approach critical thinking in business class, Roy and Macchiette suggest that critical reflection of the debate on tape as well as research and the art of listening skills including evidence, evaluation identification. such as kimball (2007) recommend to use literature books facilitate the discussion of ethics and critical thoughts within the business curriculum .However business class ,schools approach critical thinking because of AACSB accreditation ,literature demonstrate, that teachers ,professors can make additional critical thinking opportunities into their own study case. In this article authors shows that how critical thinking indicate to students and professors to improve his skill level in business classes.

  • Finn, P. 2015. Critical Condition: Replacing Critical Thinking with Creativity.

In this book, there is discussion on essentials of critical thinking means elements which need to be present for making a person a critical thinker. It is presented in succinct manner that critical thinker is someone who is able to understand and establish logical connections between ideas, formulating ideas in succinct and precise manner, identifying, constructing and evaluating arguments, ascertaining pros and cons of formulated decision, developing evidence in favour and against of hypothesis, detecting errors and mistakes and reflecting significance of one’s thinking skills. All these elements are considered as prerequisites for making a person as critical thinker. Furthermore, it is also asserted that critical thinking and creativity is required in all sorts of career independent of other skills and characteristics. As every field require some sort of communication, formulating decisions, analysing and solving problems. That is why it is emphasised that critical thinking and creativity is not just required in the workplace, but in every phase of personal and professional life.

(1) Bruce, lan. Last modified 2016. [Accessed June 3, 2016].

.In this article writer examine the utilization of classification as a hypothetical build in scholarly composition direction with regards to English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses. I start by considering the thought of talk capability as an idea that records for the learning components and abilities utilized by master scholastic essayists, and afterward consider type as a method for operationalizing the distinctive components of talk ability information with the end goal of composing guideline. I audit quickly the differing qualities of approaches to theorizing type information, and afterward display the double social classification/subjective type approach that I have utilized as a premise for examination and course plan in an EAP setting. I epitomize this model by condensing the key components of two investigations of exploration kinds in which I have utilized this model. I finish up with a brief hypothetical dialog of the issue of develop legitimacy in connection to utilizing the idea of kind as a part of exploration that identifies with composing guideline.

(1) Buchanan, Fiona. Why And How : Critical Thinking Matters When Teaching Diverse Student Groups.

In this article author talking about how critical thinking has motivated forwardly to students. And how critical sociological theory and empowerment, methodologies can be brought into tutorial groups to promote critical thinking of social work and welfare students. This topic does not show major points of diversity. Because author has explained so many aspects on the different topics so, it is just on a philosophy that brings emotions and relationships into the process of teaching and learning is encouraged. The purpose of this teaching strategy is to nurture respectful relationships with and between students. The shared acknowledgment of experiences can help students to define their experiences, compare and contrast these with the experiences of other students.

(1) Dwyer, Christopher P., Amy Boswell, and Mark A. Elliott. "An Evaluation Of Critical Thinking Competencies In Business Settings".

Critical thinking (CT) has long been considered an important part of psychology in education, the workplace and in everyday settings. Critical thinking has been identified as particular areas and indicates to the individual business and fiancé matters. Actually this article has major effect on some well-structured problems in the business concept. Create logic, judgement and some techniques might be option search possible solution of any problems. So that things are really effective to solve out any problems with critical way.

(1) Biswa B. Das & R. N. Subudhi, Professional Education for Employability: A Critical Review, NMC special issue of Parikalpana:.

In this topic author describe about student who has passed our graduation and higher degree level in different study field but they still they are in struggle to find a payable job and another fact is who student got a job but they are not satisfied with our wages means to say less pay job. Author has explained another fact in this article heading system at key, partner and pushed preparing genius necessities to be looked upon sweepingly. It ought to go on consistency, keep up congruence and coordination inside the successive stages. Competent relationship of the industry is a to an awesome degree essential responsibility for compelling obligation in this associate of expert get ready to employability move. For India to join its position as an association division general center, a critical measure should be done to get most convincing yield from the demographic reason for interest we have. All things considered the huge taught youth manpower can spell debacle for the nation, if fitting occupation aptitudes and abilities are not orchestrated


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Solution:Critical thinking and Creative thinking

Critical thinking and creative thinking are two aspects that are very vital in tertiary study and scientific study. Critical thinking refers to the thinking that aims at looking at a study from a different perspective so as to argue the findings of the author. In creative thinking one has to break down and analyse the thoughts presented in the study. On the other hand creative thinking is different from critical thinking and this means that one has to image a few things and then interpret the ideas that an author is willing to present. In this way creative thinking and critical thinking both have various similarities as well as differences. Both these type of thinking collectively help in problem solving. This is the major reason why critical thinking and creative thinking are important in tertiary study and scientific study. The major objective of this essay is to focus on creative thinking and critical thinking and their importance in tertiary study and scientific study. To undertake this task a number of journals and researches will be studied and the ideas will be taken from them. This is how the analysis will be done.

Importance of critical thinking and creative thinking in tertiary study

When it comes to tertiary study it is very important for an individual to be very careful and develop a set of thoughts and ideas that will be helping him/her in undertaking that properly. This is the level of study when mature ideas and attributes are required to be developed so as to get succeeded in the objectives that have been set. This is when the role of creative thinking and critical thinking comes. In a research Taylor argued that it is very necessary for students as well as employees to develop in them a level of critical thinking because critical thinking is something that will be helping the employees and students in excelling further in their career (Knight, 2014). In the same study Knight also suggested that critical thinking skills are very effective in any type of filed for educators as well as managers and this is the reason why there is a need to teach critical thinking.

Tertiary study is a significant level where a student shall be aware of what level of output he is expected to generate after going through several studies and what shall be his or her perception level. With the help of creative thinking the students will be able to interpret the ideas very properly, imagine the things efficiently. The major problem lies here is that students are often discouraged to follow creative thinking skills in secondary education and they are only encouraged to develop it in primary study. While coming till tertiary study it vanishes and the need to develop it again arises. The need of creative thinking in tertiary study is that it gives an ability to think in manner that no one else can do. The most significant attribute of creativity is that every individual is differently creative in his or her own manner and thus it helps in tertiary study to a very great extent. The major reason why creative thinking is very necessary is that with the help of creative thinking creative ideas come and these creative ideas help an individual in promoting initiatives and optimism. These initiatives and optimism are an integral part of tertiary study. It will help in better accomplishment of tertiary study. Another major aspect is that tertiary study is more towards an art and creative thinking skills also help in developing this art and understanding it. This is how creative thinking is very important in developing interpretation ability, artistic thinking, developing new ideas, extending current ideas, appreciating the ideas, etc.

Critical thinking is also an integral part of tertiary study. The major reason why critical thinking is important is that it is a higher level of cognitive skills that are expected by lecturers in university students. At tertiary study level every student has to undertake various assignments, projects and reports and in that they are required to demonstrate that they have an ability to think critically. Thus, critical thinking is simply going beyond the description and evaluating the description on the basis of its strengths and weaknesses. At tertiary level critical thinking is very significant because it gives an individual an intellectual approach that enables him/her to select from available information which is relevant. At tertiary study it is very important for an individual to identify what is important and what is not or what is relevant and what is not. But, off lately there are various issues with critical thinking in students and this is because of internet. Plecner suggested that critical thinking has been modified due to internet (Plecner, 2014).In the same research they have also argued that there are two aspects of internet that are general users of internet and positive and negative aspects of internet. This is how they concluded that there is a need to take care while referring internet sources for developing critical thinking. They have also provided findings on how to use internet sources for developing critical thinking. Critical thinking developed at tertiary level are not only beneficial at that particular level but it is also useful in business situations. Generally after tertiary study business level comes and this is why it is very vital for an individual to have critical thinking ability at this level. There are various aspects of approaching critical thinking in business classes (Switzer & Barclay, 2012). They also suggested that literature demonstration helps in developing critical thinking to a very great extent. In this manner critical thinking is very necessary for an individual to understand the relevant things and leave behind what is irrelevant.

Importance of critical thinking and creative thinking in scientific study

Scientific study refers to a set of study which is a structured body of knowledge and is based on measurable or empirical evidence that is subject to reasoning and principles of logic. Thus scientific study is something that needs a high level of intellect and thought process so that an individual can understand the principles, logic and reasoning and then apply them in practical situation. For an individual to do all that it is very necessary to develop critical thinking and creative thinking. One of the major reasons of develop these two types of thinking is that scientific study is all about solving complex problems and to solve the complex problems it is very necessary for an individual to use a perfect combination of creative thinking and critical thinking. Some authors have talked about replacing critical thinking with creative thinking (Finn, 2015).In his book Finn has talked about essentials of critical thinking and he suggested that a critical thinker is the one who is able to understand and establish logical connections between ideas and who can ascertain pros and cons. That is true in case of scientific study but in this case replacing the critical thinking totally with creative thinking may not give proper results. Finn has also asserted that critical thinking and creative thinking are not only important in workplace but these are important in professional life as well as personal life.

Critical thinking is particularly very important in scientific study because of the reason that it is reasoned, judged and clear. To understand the scientific concepts and reasoning it is very necessary for an individual to possess a thought process that is clear and reasoned. Critical thinking also helps in skilfully conceptualising and synthesising the ideas and then analysing them in such a way that a better refection of the present ideas is formed with it. Critical thinking also helps in deciding actions and guiding the beliefs and this is done by experience. In scientific studies experience is also a crucial aspect and critical thinking also helps in gaining experiences. Scientific studies also involve diverse group of students and while teaching diverse group of students critical thinking plays a vital role (Fiona, n.d.). Fiona has asserted that it is very crucial t have critical thinking while dealing with students from diverse areas and cultures. The same applies to the scientific study as well. For better understanding in scientific study while doing it with diverse group everyone in the group shall have critical thinking ability to make it successful. Scientific study also demands a high level of involvement ad that is only possible when the students have better knowledge of it. Critical thinking will also help the students in finding out all the relevant aspects from scientific study and then learning them and understanding them.

In scientific study creative thinking also plays a major role but not as dominant as critical thinking. Science and creativity are two different dimensions but there is various advantage of creative thinking in scientific study. Creative thinking helps in developing a better flow of ideas and imagination and these two aspects are very important for an individual to understand science properly. Many scholars argue that imagination plays a vital role in better understanding of science. Creative thinking also helps in developing interpretation ability and interpreting scientific principles is very important task. Thus creative thinking helps in better interpretation of scientific logics, scientific ideas and scientific principles. Scientific study also requires a mindset that is flexible and that is open to new things and ideas. Creative thinking helps in developing this type of flexibility and thereby enabling better understanding of everything. In this manner creative thinking is also very important in scientific study along with critical thinking.


The survey of literature in the field of critical thinking and creative thinking also suggests that both these thinking pay a crucial role in tertiary study as well as scientific study. The role of any of the thinking cannot be neglected in either field of the study. As a matter of fact an individual will not be able to develop a proper understanding of tertiary study or scientific study if he/she does not possess critical thinking and creative thinking. It is not possible to judge which thinking is more important because both have their own places in the literature. It is necessary for an individual to use a proper combination of these thinking systems. It is also mentioned in the above analysis that one must consult reliable sources to develop these thinking systems because many internet sources are not reliable to develop these thinking systems and they may misguide. In this manner proper use of critical thinking and creative thinking will be very beneficial for scientific study as well as tertiary study.

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