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December 21, 2017
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Question: Organisational Behaviour

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Organisational Behaviour Essay Writing

Case Scenario

Any organization as per your choice and applies theories and principles studied in Organisational Behaviour. You are expected to incorporate the topics are Emotions, Personality, attitude and motivation.

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Organizational behaviour is that field of study which examine the impact that individuals and organisational structure have on the behaviour within an organization and the way they contribute to the effectiveness of the organization. The area consists of an analysis of the human behaviour in the work environment and determines the effect of the organizational structure, leadership, motivation, attitudes, values etc on the organization.

The report consists of a case study of Coca Cola which has a worldwide presence and consist of an analysis of its structure, employee motivation and expatriate handling, though the company is very smooth an deficient in its operations especially in employee motivation, it is seen that it has a few managerial and leadership issues when it comes to handling the expatriation. Since the company has a global presence, expatriate is a very common concern for the group and it is essential that they outline this process in a through manner such that its employees can adapt to the culture of the host country. The handling and management of the expatriates is an integral part of the organization behaviour for a company (Buchanan & Huczynski, 2010).

About the Company

Coca Cola is a leader in the beverage industry and the company operates on the franchisee distribution system from 1889. It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and its major markets are the USA, Europe, UK, Middle East, Asia and Russia. The company is mainly known for its flagship products which is Coke and the company only produces the concentrate which is then sold to the numerous bottlers all around the world who hold exclusive grounds for the drink. The company’s CEO and Chairman is Muhtar Kent. The company is known for its advertising which is unique to each market but at the same time follows a global brand with respect to packaging and the brand equity including the logo. The company is known for being one of the best employers in the world .More than 250 expatriates are assigned in the company every year and most of them are from the UK or the USA and are go to Middle East, Asia or Russia (Coca Cola, 2016)

Literature review

The fields of study which is devoted to the recognition, explanation and the eventual development of the attitudes and the behaviours of people within an organization are called organizational behaviour. Organizational behaviour is based on scientific knowledge and is applied practice. According to Johns & Saks (2005) the “RED Analysis” can be applied by practitioners and researchers for understanding organizational behaviour issues where the R stands for Recognize E stands for Explain and D stands for development. There are mainly two types of organization one is open while the other is closed. AN open system is the one which interact with the environment and can function without by consuming and exporting resources to the environment. The closed system is not dependant on the external environment and can function without the usage of the external environment. Since most of the companies are open in nature this is the one used for discussion in the report (Fincham & Rhodes, 2005).

The external system in an open organization is impacted by its internal system and vice versa. For example the external customers affect the internal employees of a company. With globalization on an increase and technological advancements have given rise to and unlimited competition, hence companies are more likely to become open systems and depend more on their environments. As a result, organizations are ensuring that they take care of various facets especially motivation of employees, value, corporate culture, attitudes among others (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2010).

When talking about organizational behaviour Wilson (2003) point out that employee have an emotional value to the job.An emotion is defined as a short and intense feeling that is a result from some event, Not all employee react to the same situation in the same manner hence it is important to understand that emotions can influence the way an employee behave. There are positive emotions like joy, happiness, and surprise which results from the desired event like achievement of a goal or rewarded by the management. The other type is negative emotions which is despair, anger or feat that’s tem up from not being able to achieve optimal results. This is one of the main reasons that employees need to be constantly motivated such that the know how to control their emotions and there should be higher positive emotions compared to negative emotions (Dosi, Nelson & Winter, 2001).

Another aspect is personality which plays a significant role in organizational behaviour. When a situation arises ta an organization each employee handles is based on their own personal values, beliefs, and personality traits. These traits are developed throughout a person's lifetime and cannot be easily changed, so it is more helpful for managers to attempt to understand this rather than to fight it. The personality includes traits like openness, the ways they are agreeable on issues and emotional stability. Hence people with a personality that includes self-efficacy, thoroughness, and pro-activeness contribute to good decision-making under pressure and independence, while traits such as neuroticism and not being open do not. Managers can delegate work according to the personality of the employees that are working for them (Gibson & Lawrence, 2011).

The attitudes of an employee are shaped by the way they think and certain things and the set of mind at the particular time. Attitudes are very important since they affect the personality of the employee and the way they will influence the culture of an organisation. For example the attitude of a person towards their compensation may motivate them to perform in a more efficient ammner in the organization (Adler & Gundersen, 2007).

All the above four characteristic which is emotion, personality; attitude and motivation affect the organizational behaviour. The cases study concerns with the application of the above concepts for the organizational behaviour with respect to organizational structure, communication, employee motivation and the expatriate management fort the company.

Analysis and development

The company is structured in such a way that it has flexible features according to the sensitivity of the market its operating in. the structure is not only based on the external factors but is also dependant on the internal factors. The company has a flexible structure that not only concentrates on its product, sales, marketing, and distribution but also on factors like motivation of employees and encouragement in innovation. Whenever there is a product development happening at the company, it assembles its different employees who have varied specialities in order to ensure that they have analysed all possibilities. The marketing teams in these cases are expected to highlight the results that they have received with respect to the research that has been conducted on the report the research and development team is expected to focus on the various food technologies and the financial expert is expected to give report on the expected revenue of the company (Harvey & Moeller, 2009).

Also the organization has a specific type of culture which describes the value and the norms of the company when it deals with the internal and the external environment foteh company. The main culture is to enhance the skills of the employee and empower them to perform better. This happens because the company feels that their employees are their most valuable asset (Robbins, 2005).

When an employee is motivated, they become a power house of the company aligning their goals with those of the organization. It also makes the employee feel valuable to the company and they are motivated to contribute ideas to the company in many ways. It also enhances their innovation for the company. Coca Cola has a strategy which creates a friendly culture of its employees due to which the company can maintain its reputation in a global manner. Also trust is established as a part of the culture since every relationship I extremely important for the company. The trust that the customer puts in the company is the reason behind the company to put out the best quality products by the company and by paying a high level of attention to the needs of the customer. The employee’s voice is also heard at the company due to which they operate with the bets interest for the company (Nelson & Cooper, 2007).

The company has an open communication which facilities the exchange of ideas between the organizational and the employees and there are a number of ways in which they can connect with their leaders through meetings, emails and brief sessions. The team meeting are held in a weekly manner by each department and a consultative group session happens in each region in a quarterly manner. Frequent surveys are sent to the employees to understand their working conditions and to monitor their suggestions and complaints. Hence it can be said that the employees are happy since they are constantly motivated (Fitzsimmons, Miska & Stahl, 2011).

The decision for the company is made at the board level which is excited by the team leaders. These team members are elected by the shareholders of the company and this serve as the ultimate decision making tool for the company. Their main job is to ensure the senior managers in the company are doing their jobs well and ensure that they safeguard (Kamau & Harorimana, 2009).

However in the above organizational behaviour design there is one big challenge that the company faces. Due to the increase in globalization the company has rising number of expatriates due to which they have to leave their home town and move into a new country in order to set up the bsuiness there. This shift leads to a number of organisational problems both for the company and for the expatriate. The first step for the company is the recruitment of the expatriate that the company finds it difficult to choose the right person to send to another country since it takes a lot of adaptability to adjust to a new culture in various dimension. There are different factor that affect the culture of organizations which may prove to be difficult for an employee to adjust to when they have a shift in a country. Also in cases when they have to move with the family it becomes even more difficult since the entire employee has to adjust to the new conditions (Langton, 2005).

Also expatriate mangers have mange a workforce which is complete different from their own countries and it is possible that the strategy they adopted to manage the employees in the home country may not prove to be successful in the host country. It is extremely important for these mangers to understand the culture of local people and the way it has shaped them. One the basis of that they learn to adapt ones management style to these differences which is very important for the success of business operations. It is essential that the expatriate leaders have a very high tolerance to being sensitive in order to understand the individual differences among people and deal in that manner (Gordon, 2001).

The expatriate selection process at the company has lately changes since each role is different rom the other. Initially it was sending out older more experiences people but that is lately changed to sending younger employees with high potential since they can easily adapt compared to older ones (Saks & Gruman, 2011).

In summary it can be said that Coca Cola has a diverse workforce but it keep sits employees motivated and it has an efficient decision making through its board members but one of the main design problems that it faces is the expatriate manager behaviour since they find it difficult to adapt to the new environment.

Final recommendations and conclusion

By looking at the above literature review it is evident that the company faces an issue with the expatriate management of the company. When it comes to the other aspect like employee motivation, organization structure of the communication it is handled in a smooth manner but a few recommendations have been given in order to manage the expatriate situation of the company. The organization should ensure that the pick those mangers who have an attitude, personality, emotional level and motivation that is in coherence with the requirements of the company. Some of the recommendation for the expatriate management of given below.

The expatriate should be given through training from the perspective of cultural adaptation. Most of the employee may be moving from a culture which is varied on number of dimensions. For example the initial country may be having a more individualistic style of working which is prevalent in countries like UK and USA while the move to the new country may be demanding more collectivist type of approach which means they put the organization before themselves. Hence understanding the culture of the host country and training the employee with respect to the cultural differences will go a long way in the expatriate understanding the new culture and adapting to it.

The training should not only be given to the employee but also the family which will help them adjust to the new culture. Also joining of expatriate groups in the host country will allow them to feel a sense of familiarity when they interact with people from the same origin and it will ease their adaptation behaviour (Fitzsimmons, Miska & Stahl, 2011).

Another way is to ensure that have positive emotions and a positive attitude toward taking up the project by compensating them in a manner which will make keep them motivated. Some of these attributes include personal liability, enthusiasm to build up their experience and develop the organization, ability to be criticized, and be self-confident. Coca cola needs to understand that the shift is big and by inducing a positive behaviour in them and making they realize the opportunity and the potential benefits through it by giving them rewards and recognition ill help smoothen out the process for the expatriates (Dosi, Nelson & Winter, 2001).

The company should also give the option to its employees that once they finish their tenure of the project at the host country than they would be given the option to come back to the home country where there would have the job security of having same designation or a promotion such that the expatriates have something to look forwards. These recommendations will help the company to manage it expatriate aspect of the organizations behaviour (Fincham & Rhodes, 2005).

In conclusion it can be said that Coca Cola is strong company when it comes to the handling of the various facets of its organizational behaviour. Being a global company the need of sending ending expatriates to a foreign location is quite common in the company hence they need to ensure that the mange this area well. The selection process of the expatriate should done keeping in mind the emotional level, personality and the motivation level of the employee that they have for the organization in order to execute the company’s vision on an international level.

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